Ekko3 – Global Incident Management System

In today’s technological age, it’s common for a workforce to be based in locations other than just a single office. Every organisation has a duty of care towards its employees and in the event of an incident, how can you alert them and how do you know they are safe?

Or course, you can call them, but with a large workforce this is time consuming and in some cases, not practical. In the event of an incident, every second counts.

Ekko3 is a Global Incident Management System that centrally manages the safety of your employees in the event of a crisis. The application can send bulk alerts to employees and provides a simple and effective method for an individual to reply with their current safety status; providing an efficient method of centrally reconciling an entire organisations status, worldwide.

What Makes Ekko3 unique, is that it’s capable of sending alerts via Email, SMS and App notifications, improving the chances of an employee receiving the alert, even if they are outside of a 3G/4G/Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Technical Part – How Does It Work?

Ekko3 comprises a web-based application and a mobile app that can be run on Android, iOS and Windows Devices. Here is how…

  1. The organisation creates an alert in the web-based portal and selects the options to send via email, SMS and App notification.
  2. The user will receive the incident alert and will be given the option to reply by marking themselves as “SAFE” or “UNSAFE”.
  3. If replying using the mobile app, the user’s geo-location will automatically be added to their reply.
  4. If the user has marked themselves as “UNSAFE” the mobile app will automatically send geo-location updates every 5 minutes, allowing their position to be tracked.


Alerts can be restricted to only users that are located within a defined fenced area.

Active Geo-Fencing:

If a user moves into a geo-fenced area, they will automatically receive an alert.

Panic Button:

In an emergency, a user can raise a panic alert directly from the mobile application. Once sent, their geo-location will automatically log their position every 5 minutes.

Automated Reports:

Automated Reports will be sent to key personnel with a full list of users and their latest status throughout the incident.