The Logistical Organisation approach is very similar to that of Manufacturing and Industrial with much of the services dependent on a strategically placed Gatehouse base with regular verified and audited patrols.

In most cases goods are being delivered to a customer’s organization and then re-packaged and leaving the site for destinations throughout the UK and Europe so a stringent check must form part of both ingress and egress onto site. This can be done by the checking of numbered HGV vehicle seals for the back doors or the physical checking in the back of the for goods delivered or being forwarded to other locations.

Health and Safety is paramount on site locations with a heavy vehicle movement and all our security staff wear full Preventative and Protective Equipment all issued by KM at the inception of their employment and replenished regularly to keep it fresh and totally visible to all concerned. The KM Security Solutions Compliance Manager has a responsibility to produce and deploy counter measures to consider any observations whilst collating the Risk Assessments and Method Statement Plans for each one of our company work locations.

During my 20 years’ experience this was the smoothest tupe transition and handover I have dealt with. KM Security Solutions PLC have added value to the contract and have supplied officers of the highest calibre.

Karen JonesBuilding Manager

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