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Manned Security

We have been providing fully Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed, trained and vetted manned security to businesses for many years. We cover all areas of security including commercial and residential properties, door supervision, events and large construction projects and we can also offer consultancy and advice on all forms of security related issues including void property counter infiltration methods.

We’ll come and visit you and your premises and carry out a full risk assessment to completely understand your requirements so that we can design a manned security solution to specifically meet the needs of your business.


Our door supervisors will be smart and professional and offer a friendly greeting at the entrance to a venue while projecting a sense of security. With pre-determined actions to any given incident they work in collaboration with local police and can help clients and staff in maintaining a safe environment.


Taking immediate action when a building becomes vacant is the most effective way to protect a property and mitigate the risks associated with squatting. You are required by law to inform your insurer immediately when a property becomes vacant and they may have specific requirements to ensure your building is properly covered. As part of our service, we carry out a free comprehensive risk assessment to assess potential risks, such as fire hazards and public liability exposure as well as the exposure to damage from intruders. We will then advise you on what level of security is required whether it be manned guarding or access control or a combination of both physical and technical sercurity and provide detailed costs.


Counting the cost of theft and arson are two significant reasons why insurance costs are increasing. Uninsured expenses, liquidated damages, business interruption, lost hours and uncertainty often add insult to injury. We can offer you a security solution to assist you in keeping your site a crime free zone.


Our security control room is manned 24/7, so we can provide a prompt response to any incidents and through the use of Patrol Verification points at a client’s premises we can monitor the effective patrolling of the property or area to be secured.


Our staff are often the first point of contact for both employees and your clients so we ensure that our people are a good fit for your business. We look for a range of attributes in our staff such as excellent communication skills, integrity, fitness, reliability and common sense. They are all experienced in their fields and are happy to perform a multitude of tasks. They will dress appropriately for the occasion, be that professional and smart, or casual to fit the role that they will be doing.

And, while we can offer cost effective technological security solutions, we often find that the physical presence of professionally trained staff can resolve a situation quickly.