Access Control & Door Entry

Our bespoke electronic security solutions can keep you and your property safe. We combine CCTV, access control & door entry systems, along with a wider range of security services. We will take the time to fully understand your company’s requirements and our security consultants will carry out a full risk assessment so you get what you need to keep your business secure.

All areas of security and safety are covered by our range of electronic systems, so you’ll know that your business and staff are protected day and night.


Our highly technical and experienced team of industry experts can design, install and maintain a bespoke system to your specification. We’ll take into account your individual environmental and security risks, future-proof the system and ensure that the products we use are up to date with the latest technologies.


Access control is now a common security feature of many commercial buildings and private residences. Visitors’ interaction with controlled door entry is the first point and simplest of security. Clear audio/video and the log of users accessing the main entrance allows you to easily keep track of who is entering the building and prevent any unwanted visitors gaining access.

We offer a range of access control features including an easy to use interface to monitor access, user groups and individual users, alongside proximity readers, coded access and biometric readers. Our security consultants will be happy to talk you through the options to create the right system for you.